In contact with nature it reduces stress, anxiety and depression gen07

Apart from reduction of stress, anxiety and depression trekking tones leg muscles, women's glutes and abs. Exposure to solar radiation promotes the production of vitamin D.

Much more than a walk, which already produces many benefits. Trekking is not just a hiking activity, which everyone can do even without age limits, and a long walk in the middle of nature, where you can finally breathe clean air: trekking is the classic all-round exercise, not particularly tiring , which improves well-being and quality of life.

We must proceed step by step, and not immediately venture into too tiring and complex paths.
During the journey, drink plenty of water (you must always have it available), do not use new shoes (they could give you very annoying surprises), bring sunglasses and protective cream.
In addition, you must always have disinfectant, plasters, gauze and dry ice in your backpack to beused in case of small accidents.

Recent research has shown that trekking provides additional benefits compared to those of classic gym activities. Compared to a training session, carried out indoors, exercising outdoors allows you to come into contact with a series of elements. Admiring a view or moving along a tree-lined path are activities that ensure a revitalizing effect on the mind and body. The advantages of trekking are not limited to the pleasure of practicing sports in contact with nature.

It improves circulation, breathing and cholesterol. Trekking, like other aerobic activities, has beneficial effects on the cardio-circulatory system such as the reduction of heart rate even during intense activity. Additionally, trekking has beneficial effects on blood pressure and cholesterol.

You burn more calories. Trekking makes us feel more energetic and with more desire to do physical activity, not to mention that the exercises carried out on the mountain trails burn more calories than the treadmill.
Via stress, anxiety and depression.

Moving outdoors helps to keep anxiety away and relieves stress. Trekking is a valid alternative for those looking for a way to switch off and unload on a psychological level.
An aid to breathing. 

Practicing outdoor sports improves respiratory functions and in the case of tree-lined or mountain paths, we can benefit from better air quality. A cure-all for the lungs. Although we must be careful not to go beyond 2,500 meters in height, where the amount of oxygen becomes more rarefied.

Tones muscles in the legs and buttocks of women. Trekking is ideal for strengthening and toning certain muscle groups such as the buttocks, adductors and hamstrings. So as to make us beautiful and fit.

A push to the abs. Whether uphill or downhill, trekking works your abdominal muscles. They are essential to keep the back straight and body balance, especially when braking.

Helps create new human relationships. Trekking lovers are many and constantly increasing. Anyone who wants to start practicing it can join a group that has already been practicing it for some time. An opportunity to learn from those who are more experienced and expand their relationships.

Increases the production of red blood cells. Trekking is mainly practiced in the mountains and requires an adaptation time for the body. In the first few days, in fact, it is necessary to make bets at high altitudes and descend again to allow the body to produce more red blood cells, which are used to transport the oxygen that is lacking at high altitudes.

Prevents overweight and obesity. Trekking allows us to burn off the extra pounds faster than the activities we do in the gym. In this way, we keep fit and keep the worry of being overweight or obese away.

A vitamin D bath. Coming into direct contact with sunlight, for example, we fill up with vitamin D, which is very useful for the well-being of the bones and for the immune system.

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