Incredible things happen in the 0.50% of the world surface! pre01

Let us introduce you to the one Country we are proud of calling "home": home of legendary history, breath-taking landscapes, gourmet tasting food, and lots of culture.

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The country occupies  0.50% of the world's surface, having 0.83% of the people livng in the nation.
This small world surface offers incredible treasure: products of the earth that are a world excellence not to be found elsewhere.

Just think of the basil or pesto Genovese from Genova; the Parma ham, the Gragnano pasta near the Vesuvio volcano and the Felicetti pasta that comes from the heart of the Dolomites; the licorice from Calabria or the myrtle liquer from Sardinia not to forget the Pachino tomato from Sicily.

Italy offers:
  • 58,000 different animal species on air, land and sea while
  • 20,000 are offered by the 2nd country in the world, China, which has 6% of the planet's surface

  • 1200 native wines while
  • 222 are those of France

  • 533 Cultivar or olive grafts while
  • 70 are offered by Spain the 2nd country in the world

  • 140 wheat cultivars while
  • 6 are offered by America, the country with the greatest world production
We are therefore the most bio-diverse country in the World and this has generated great food and wine variety.

We are the country with the most indigenous ethnic groups in the world.

In Italy we had the 1st great empire, the Romans: strong in the cultural, social and political spheres. 
1500 years after it comes the Renaissance, which changed the world imposing itelf as an artistic, cultural, philosophical and literary movement, from the mid-fourteenth century, until the late sixteenth century.

Thanks to all the history, the culture and the diversity of population that lived the country, we now have 70% of the world's artistic heritage concentrated in 0.50% of the world surface.

Italy is also a land of singers and great musicians that the whole world envies us, not to mention the last giant, maestro Ennio Morricone, who sadly recently left us. We are food, we are passion, we are culture... not forgetting the world of fashion!

Within this large picture of biodiversity there are lots of possibilities of tour that we can offer you: from the geology mistery of the Dolomites and the Appennini mountains, to the largest ski-areas in the world, the Superskidolomiti, down to the classical Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, Amalfi.

We have not told you everything but with our narration we wanted to briefly describe this incredible destination that must be studied, discovered, tasted and placed in the heart and the mind.

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