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In the meantime, let's try to explain simply what Yoga is.

Yoga is a psychophysical discipline
, a method by which the domination of all spiritual forces is achieved and guided in the desired direction. Its goal is to achieve inner peace, supreme knowledge and liberation from the bonds of the world and matter.

In its classical form, the path of yoga, rajayoga, is divided into eight degrees, eight groups of techniques that correspond to as many spiritual levels, divided into two phases.

THE FIRST PHASE is that of hatha yoga:
  1. the first level is called yama, it involves the rejection of violence, falsehood, theft, sexual pleasure, avarice;
  2. the second level, niyama, involves observing purity, frugality, asceticism, the study of sacred texts, the recitation of sacred formulas, in particular the mantra par excellence, OM.
These first two levels are preparatory to true yoga practice.

The third level is asana, the yoga of the correct positions, of the posture to be assumed for meditation;
the fourth level, called pranayama, aims to control breathing.
The first phase ends with the cancellation of the functions of the senses, which is achieved with pratyahara.

THE SECOND PHASE The is that of raja yoga, royal yoga, the highest part of yoga. The three levels that make it up are:
  1. dharana, which has as its goal total concentration;
  2. the dhyana, in which the mind rises to spheres that transcend thought;
  3. samadhi, in which the coincidence between thought and object of thought is reached.

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