Six reasons why each of us should start practicing yoga. yog02

Yoga can be simply explained but herebelow find the six reasons why each of us should start practicing yoga: 

1. It is an excellent physical activity
It was not born as a physical activity but, in fact, yoga is also a physical activity that allows everyone, without exclusion, to set their bodies in motion and to work on all or only on some parts of it. You don't have to be a pro, just follow the movements that best suit your body to benefit from yoga. In fact, the yoga positions can be adapted to your level and also to your needs, so as to build a practice that is beneficial on a physical level: there are for those who suffer from back pain, for those with headaches, for those who simply wants to stay in shape. In short, there is an asana* for everyone and for all needs.
*Among the various meanings, the Sanskrit term asana translates as "sitting". Asanas are static postures, reminiscent of elements of nature, geometric shapes, or common objects. They are divided into standing and balanced postures; back, side and forward bends; twists; and upside down postures.
The practice of yogasana (or sequence of yogic postures) is common to many yoga styles and schools, but typical of the branch of yoga known as Hatha Yoga, along with other techniques such as bandha, mudra, and pranayama

2. Helps you use your breath in the best way and relax/Meditation without pain
Depending on the type of yoga you decide to practice, you will do more or less breathing exercises that will allow you, right away, to learn to breathe in a different, deeper and less impulsive way. Learning to breathe better means getting more air into our body and, above all, relaxing more and longer (if combined with meditation, the effect of yoga in this sense is even greater). Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine studied the effects of two weeks of yoga on Gaga neurotransmitter levels in the thalamus and compared this practice with walks of the same duration showing that yoga improves anxiety and mood more than one walking as it acts deeply on the way we breathe.

3. Helps you sleep better/yoga to sleep
Physical activity generally helps you sleep better but yoga, and I say this from personal experience, is the activity that most helps in this regard. There are positions designed specifically to relax and that should be practiced before going to bed but in general yoga helps you to rest better because it moves all the muscles of our body in a way that seems passive to us but that is actually just sweeter. You may not feel the fatigue during the practice but your body will surely feel it when you fall asleep relaxing and preparing for a better night. Find out more about yoga for sleep.

4. It is ideal for posture, balance and flexibility/Postural yoga
Between stretching, breathing and stretching exercises, posture thanks to yoga improves and, with it, also the back. Especially if, like me, you spend most of the time sitting your back will thank you if you start doing yoga and, above all, you will not be forced to do strenuous or boring exercises to benefit from physical activity.

5. Increases concentration and psychological resistance/psychological benefits yoga
Practicing yoga, especially at an advanced stage, is an exercise in concentration both because you have to constantly remember the positions and because, if you get distracted, you lose the connection between body and mind necessary to complete the sequences. By doing this, the practice continually challenges you and increases your ability to focus and think only about what you are doing at the moment you are doing it. The result? A higher ability to concentrate even in daily life and the ability to stay focused on the moment you live and the activity you are doing at the moment you are doing it. Find out more about the psychological benefits of yoga.

6. Helps to follow a healthier lifestyle/vegan diet
According to statistics and research, those who practice yoga tend to follow a healthier lifestyle, to eat better and to follow the rhythms of nature. This guarantees a better and more attentive quality of life. This does not mean becoming vegan or vegetarian, it is clear, but simply paying more attention to your body to nourish body and soul.

These are just six of the reasons to try yoga but there are many others, and they depend on your personality and needs.

After all, as saied B.K.S. Iyengar*:
Yoga not only changes the way you look at things, it also transforms the person who looks at them.
*1918 2014 he was an Indian mystic. He was the founder of the so-called Iyengar Yoga and one of the most famous yoga teachers.

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